Table Lamps for Nautical Decor and Decorating Ideas!

Table LampsTable Lamps

Table lamps can be more than functional. They can also be decorative. Depending on your décor or decorating theme, you could have hundreds of different designs to choose from. The elements described here are among the many that are commonly incorporated into a nautical decorating theme.


Seashell Gift BasketSeashell Gift Basket

If you like shells, you’re in luck. Natural shells are sometimes enclosed in glass to create the base of a lamp for a table or for the floor.

Ceramic bases are commonly shaped to look like natural shells. Some designs include a single very large shell, while others look like a piece of rock with numerous shells of all sizes embedded in it.

If you’re going to decorate with shells, it works to have a variety of things in the room that include a shell design. For example, the drapes and throw pillows could have a muted shell design.



Coral designs are numerous because the coral found in nature comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Some artists prefer to stick with coral designs that are easy to recognize. Others choose something more unique.

Some of the more unique designs incorporate a coral element into brass floor lamps. The brass is reminiscent of ship’s portholes and other parts. The inspiration seems to be a shipwreck, as the coral appears to “grow” out of the brass elements.

It’s pretty easy to decorate with brass and coral. You might select rugs and wall hangings decorated with images of coral and wall sconces made of brass to complete the look.


Ropes Knot BoardRopes Knot Board

Ropes are used in a variety of ways on ships. They can also be found attached to buoys and are typically present at marinas. They are associated with walkways and ladders because of their historic use on large seagoing vessels.

If you want to incorporate ropes into your decorating scheme, there are many table lamps that include ropes around the base or as a part of the shade. The size and color of the rope varies, as does the kind of knot highlighted in the piece.

Weathered Wood or Driftwood

Driftwood SignDriftwood Sign

Driftwood is a type of weathered wood. Craftsmen sometimes used real pieces of driftwood to create lamps and other decorative items. So, a bit of history is associated with this decorating style.

Today, you can find combination aged wood and brass floor lamps. The brass also has an aged appearance. The complete look is difficult to describe in words. It is something like the coral and brass combination that is reminiscent of a shipwreck. Sometimes the driftwood that floats up on a beach was originally a piece of a ship. 

Table Lamps Designed as Lighthouses


Lighthouses are among the most popular choices for nautical decorating themes. There are some nice looking brass floor lamps that are shaped like lighthouses. The “shade” is fashioned to look like the rotating head of the coastal light.

Lighthouses are easy to incorporate into your decorating theme, although it can be easy to overdo it. If you start collecting lighthouses and things that are decorated with them, you could have more than you can use in a short time, without even realizing it.



Ducks, starfish, dolphins and sea oats are among the kinds of wildlife that commonly adorn decorating items with a nautical theme.

What you can find depends largely on where you are shopping and the wildlife associated with that location. For example, horses are commonly used in several east coast locations because wild ponies live on the barrier islands.

Online stores have made it easy to find table lamps incorporating all kinds of coastal wildlife. Regardless of where you live, you can recreate the places you love right in the comfort of your own home, all because of the internet.

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