RC USCG Models-Reflecting Service To Our Nation

USCG RC Model Patrol BoatUSCG RC Model Patrol Boat

The development of rc uscg models is a tribute to the United States Coast Guard which is under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security.  As such, it is our nation’s first line of defense on waterways both at home and overseas.  Reflecting this unique service, finely hand-crafted models serve as both a collector’s asset and a wonderful tribute to the brave men and women of the Coast Guard.

First established in 1790 by President George Washington to help enforce the federal tariff and tax laws, the “revenue cutters” as the service was then known, would remain the only water based military service until the Department of the Navy was created in 1798.  It remains among the oldest continually serving branches of the armed services to this day.

It didn’t officially receive the name United States Coast Guard until 1915, when the Congress merged the Revenue Cutter Service and the U.S. Life-Saving Service.  With this act, two extremely important services were brought together under one umbrella, with a branch of the military that not only protected our waters but also saved lives that were in peril on the sea.  With extraordinary training and extreme bravery, the men and women of the USCG now serve across the globe, protecting the interests of the United States on all fronts

Origins-Revenue Cutter Service

USCG RC Model Patrol Boat 28USCG RC Model Patrol Boat 28"

From the time of its inception in the 1700’s, the Revenue Cutter Service referred to all of its service ships as “cutters”.   This is an English term that refers to a particular type of ship, generally small warships able to carry 8 to 12 cannons.    By today’s definition, a cutter is any vessel over 65 feet in length.  During the 1920’s, when the enforcement of the Prohibition law became a major responsibility of the Coast Guard, a series of smaller boats were added to the fleet, under the designation “Patrol Boats”.

 Today there are 23 different types of cutters in service, from 65’ tugs up to the 420’ icebreakers used to patrol the frozen waters of the Arctic.  The Patrol Boats come in two classes, Island and Marine Protector.  The Island class are all named for Islands and are 110 feet and equipped with state of the art navigation and electronics.  Marine Protector class, as their name suggests, are used to patrol coastal waters.  They are smaller, at just 87 ft, but are also fully equipped with the latest in technology.

RC USCG Models-Make us Proud

Model ship builders have always drawn on military history for some of their most unique creations and the US Coast Guard has been one such source of inspiration.  Today you can find exquisitely detailed and carefully constructed rc uscg models of Cutters, Patrol Boats and other vessels that are accurate down to the fittings, hardware and military markings.  A Coast Guard commander himself would be hard pressed to find any flaws in these outstanding models.

Exact replica RC USCG models can be the perfect addition to the collection of any hobbyist or anyone into military history.  Check out the various models that are available and you can add to your personal fleet and show your pride in your country at the same time.  These are models that would make any sailor, hobbyist or U.S. citizen proud, so why not take one home with you today? 

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