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RC Riva Auquarama 18RC Riva Auquarama 18"

The world of rc speed  boats is  multi-faceted, with everything from sailboats to carefully constructed scale models available for the true boating enthusiast.  Probably the most popular segment of this wide ranging hobby is RC speed boats.  Like their full size counterparts, these are boats that are built for one thing: racing.  They are designed to maximize speed and some of the top end models can reach speeds of better than 45 miles an hour.  

Like most RC models, speed boats come in two basic classes: toy grade and hobby grade.  Toy grade models are the ones most often suggested for use by newcomers to the hobby.  They usually come fully assembled and ready to sail and the controls themselves are pretty much standard and easy to understand.  Most speed boats have two types of control: rudder, for direction and throttle, for speed.

Hobby grade speed boat models can also be easier to handle than other, more complicated types of boats although some of the hobby grade models can be much more intricate than their toy counterparts.  Again, they can be purchased fully assembled or in kits for those individuals who want the fun of constructing their own model.  In either case, the detailing of the hobby grade models is usually very precise, resulting in a smaller-scale version of a full-size power boat.

Unlike toy grade power boats, the hobby grade can also be modified by their operators, enabling you to upgrade the controls and the speed.  In fact, some models have been clocked at as much as 90 mph after modification.  Since the controls of RC speed boats are generally pretty straightforward and since this class is used most frequently for racing, these are the type of RC boats that most readily lend themselves to modification.

RC Speed Boats For The Serious collector

RC Farrari Hydroplane Limited 32RC Farrari Hydroplane Limited 32"

For the serious collector, there are many different types currently available, including replicas of various models by makers like Ferrari, Aquarama and others.  Individual boats are reproduced in exquisite detail, using a variety of materials from hand crafted wood to state of the art plastic.  These models are rendered in the same sleek, aerodynamic design as the full-size boats, making them ready for racing and up to the standards of even the most demanding owner.

Whether you’re looking for an exact replica of a historical style of speed boat or are into the latest in marine technology, such as the Ferrari Hydroplane Limited 32” or the Aquarama model speed boat 18”, you can find something to suit your needs and your budget.  Toy grade models can be as cheap as $30 or $40, while scale model replicas can run several hundred dollars apiece.  There is something for every level of interest and every level of skill.

Nothing beats the joy of amassing and displaying your RC collection, unless it’s the thrill of getting your boat into the water and blowing away the competition.  With the wide range of RC speed boats available today, you have plenty of opportunity to do both.  So if you’re a newbie to the field of RC boating or just want to add another piece to your existing collection, check out the speed boat models available and find just the right boat to fulfill your need for speed!

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RC Farrari Hydroplane Limited CockpitRC Farrari Hydroplane Limited Cockpit

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