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USCG RC Patrol BoatUSCG RC Patrol Boat

RC model boats or Radio Controlled are just one of the many branches of the RC world.  The use of radio control to operate model vehicles was first introduced by the renowned physicist Nicola Tesla, who created a remote control boat in 1898.  Over subsequent years, developments in RC technology have led to what is now a booming industry, with millions of RC enthusiasts participating in the hobby worldwide.

There are two basic types of models: toy-grade and hobby grade.  Toy grade are the most common and are recommended for newcomers to the hobby.  Hobby grade models are available only in specialty hobby stores and can come either fully assembled or requiring some assembly before being fully operational.  They can also be modified, making them ideal for the more advance hobbyist.

The Origins of RC Model Boats

RMS Radio Controlled TitanicRMS Radio Controlled Titanic

Tesla started the idea of radio-controlled models with a boat, it was cars and planes that were the main focus of RC’ers in the early days.  It wasn’t until 1962 when engineer Tom Perzinka of Octura Models introduced the first radio controlled, gasoline powered model boat.  

These early gas model boats used a small 20 cc ignition engine that turned the entire world of RC models on its ear.  This innovation would earn Perzinka the title of “Father of Model Boating’.

The hobby continued to grow through the 60’s and 70’s, when nitro power became the norm.  

By the 1980’s, model boating was ready for a change and it came in the form of Tony Castronovo, whose gasoline string trimmer engine powered radio controlled model boat, called “The Enforcer”, ushered in a whole new world of RC model boats.  Soon the hobby was taking hold throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia and many other countries.

Many of the innovations introduced by Castronovo are still in use today and now there are a host of manufacturers offering a wide range of models, from sail boats to submarines.  Unlike their slow moving predecessors, today’s model boats average a speed of 45 mph and some of the more high tech models can reach top speeds of better than 90 mph.

Types of RC Model Boats

RC Sail Boat IntrepidRC Sail Boat Intrepid

There are many types of model boats available, generally falling into one of three categories: sail boats, speed boats and scale models.  Like their full size counterparts, sail boats use the power of the wind to help propel themselves.  Power boats are usually easier to control and are generally recommended for beginners to the hobby.  Scale models can be exact replicas of everything from military ships,USCG patrol boats to cruise ships.  There are historical scale models of famous ships like the Titanic, as well as replicas of more classic racers like the Endeavour

Whether you’re looking to recreate a piece of history, or just become the captain of your own personal vessel, there is something for everyone in the world of RC model boats.  It’s easy to see why this hobby has been so quick to catch on and so long lasting.  Why not try your hand at it today with an expertly built, hand crafted RC model?  You’ll find a world of fun waiting for you on the high seas!

RC Speed Boat Riva AquaramaRC Speed Boat Riva Aquarama

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