RC Endeavour A Racing Classic

RC EndeavourRC Endeavour

The origins of the model rc endeavour came from the famous racing classic Endeavor she was built with one thing in mind: racing.  This was not a luxury yacht or a recreational boat; she was designed to withstand the rigors of the greatest yacht race of them all, the America’s Cup.  By the time she was sold for scrap in 1947, she had seen plenty of racing action, including the Cup, where she would sadly fall short, but she had earned a name for herself among the racing greats and continues to live on today in lovingly recreated RC Endeavour America’s Cup scale models. 

 It was the ship builders Camper and Nicholson of Gosport, Portsmouth Harbor, England who brought the her to life with the goal of racing in the 1934 America’s Cup.  She was built for aviation expert Thomas Sopwith, who equipped her with several advances including a steel hull and mast that he hoped would give her a distinct advantage in the racing ranks.

Launched in 1934

RC EndeavuorRC Endeavour

She was launched in 1934 and looked to be headed for great success, with her quadrilateral genoa and larger and improved spinnaker, both of which were designed to give her more power thanks to their greater sail area.  Unfortunately, however, her attempt at the America’s Cup was marred by a strike among her crew, leaving Sopwith to rely on a primarily amateur crew who were not up to the challenge.  As a result, she failed to take the America’s Cup crown but she did continue to dominate the British racing scene for several years.

In 1937, she broke loose from her tow line while being taken across the Atlantic from the U.S. to England and was feared lost.  She was eventually found and returned to England.  In 1947 she was sold for scrap but was saved at the last minute.  Over the years, she passed from owner to owner until she settled at Calshot Spit in the 1980’s.  By this time she had deteriorated to a terrible state but she would be rescued once more, in 1984, by Elizabeth Meyer, who undertook a comprehensive rebuild of the Endeavour, inside and out.

When the rebuild was complete the Endeavour sailed again in 1989, the first time in 52 years that she had taken to the water.  She has since been sold to wealthy buyers twice more, the latest time in 2006.  With her original looks restored it is once again possible to see exactly what had interested all those racing enthusiasts more than 80 years ago.

The Legacy lives On in The Model RC Endeavour

RC EndeavourRC Endeavour

Today, the legacy lives on not only with the yacht herself, but also in lovingly hand crafted America’s Cup models that bring her every detail to exquisite life.  The 130 ft. J-class yacht has been reproduced down to the state of the art sail design and beautiful hull, rendered in high quality wood.  With dual motors and propellers and top of the line remote controls with a range of up to 150 feet, you can feel the thrill of the race with this unique model boat.

Whether you’re an RC enthusiast, racing fan or avid collector this is one model that you’re going to want as part of your collection.  Both beautiful to look at and fun to operate, the Endeavor represents the best of all worlds and will bring you hours of pleasure.  If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your collection or an ideal gift for the boater in your life, this is the perfect choice.  Step back into the history of yacht racing and experience the joy of owning a truly unique model with a replica Endeavor.

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