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RMS OlyimpicRMS Olyimpic

Some history of rc cruise ships origins, people have always loved to explore and travel, and that desire combined with the lure of the sea has led to what has become a multi-million dollar industry.  But the world of pleasure cruising didn’t always look the way it does now.  In fact, the idea of sailing for pleasure didn’t actually become a reality until the invention of the steam engine in 1712.  That invention would revolutionize sailing but it would take another hundred years before cruise ships would become a staple.

In the early 1800’s, the first steam passenger ship made an Atlantic Ocean crossing, from Savannah, GA to Liverpool, England.  By the end of the 1800’s, passenger travel had become a big business as steamship companies competed to build bigger and more elaborate ships in order to entice well to do customers.  Soon, members of every level of society were able to travel back and forth across the ocean in comfort and opulence.

White Star Line-the RMS Titanic 

RC RMS TitanicRC RMS Titanic

The industry would be rocked badly in 1912, when the jewel in the crown of the White Star Line, the RMS Titanic sank during its maiden voyage, taking nearly all of its passenger and crew with it.  It would take some time, but eventually the cruise ship industry was able to regain its bearings and improvements in design and technology would help in that regard. 

Today, cruising is as popular as ever with well known lines such as Carnival, Princess and Disney offering trips to the sunny Caribbean and other exotic ports of call.  Cruise ships have grown into floating cities, with plenty of features to keep customers of all ages entertained, including bars and stage shows, four star restaurants, shops, swimming pools and even amusement park style rides.  There is literally something to be found for everyone.

History of Cruise Ships

RC RMS BritannicRC RMS Britannic

Not surprisingly, the rich and storied history of cruise ships has proven to be a real draw for RC model enthusiasts.  Many manufacturers have produced kits and fully constructed RC cruise ships from the early years, right up to the QE II.   As with all scale models, these are carefully constructed models that are exact duplicates of their real life counterparts, recreated down to the tiniest detail.  And with state of the art radio controls, you can set your model to sail with yourself at the helm.

 From the early days of cruising, you can find models of the Titanic, Olympic, Brittanic and other classic luxury steam ships.  Marvel at the detail of these unique ships, with their four stacks, portholes, lifeboats and recognizable colors all lovingly recreated.  Some models even feature LED lighting for night time sailing.  Models from the later eras include the ill-fated Andrea Doria, which was struck by another ship and sunk off the coast of New England in 1956, to some of today’s Disney cruise ships.

Adding RC cruise ships to your collection. 

RC RMS TitanicRC RMS Titanic

For historians and RC enthusiasts alike, the world of cruise ships is both intriguing and exciting.  If you are an active hobbyist or just a passionate collector, you’ll want to consider adding an RC cruise ship model or two to your collection.  These beautiful pieces can be a conversation starter and will no doubt bring you hours of joy, whether you just display them in your collection or actually set them afloat.  They are as beautiful and magical today as their real-life counterparts were in their time and this is a unique way to bring that amazing era back to life.

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