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Pirate ToysPirate Toys

Pirate toys are always popular with kids of all ages. In the past, boys and girls would fashion swords out of sticks or anything they had handy. Books and plays like Treasure Island and Peter Pan captured their imagination. To put it simply, playing pirates is fun. 

The Pirates of the Caribbean series seemed to make everyone interested in swashbuckling again. Captain Jack and his companions inspired fashion trends. You see more people wearing ruffled shirts than you have for years.

For the younger kids, who some producers call “juniors”, there is Jake and the Never Land Pirates, an entertaining, but educational television series created by Disney. Like the other stories, the TV show has inspired a line of pirate toys that includes a magic sword, a talking spyglass and a cabinet of hooks.

In the series, Jake’s nemesis is the notorious Captain Hook. The hooks are designed to be worn like a glove by the child pretending to be the Captain.

Pirate Toys and Playing Pirates 

If you’re going to play pirates, you must have treasure. Plastic coins in colors of gold, silver or copper are the right choice for the pirate’s booty. You can also find some chocolates wrapped in gold or silver colored foil that are great for pirate-themed parties. The coins are also popular for Mardi Gras parties. 

New Oreleans Parade Floats

New Orleans, Louisiana: Rex parade on Napoleon Avenue,  21 February, 2012.From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repositoryNew Orleans, Louisiana: Rex parade Wikimedia

In New Orleans, coins designed to resemble gold doubloons are thrown from the parade floats. These aluminum replicas of pirate’s treasure have become popular novelty items over the years. Both the plastic and the aluminum type have been used for “treasure hunts”. Hint: Only hide the chocolate ones if you know the kids will find them quickly.

They do melt. For kids of all ages who like Lego’s, there are many pirate-themed sets to choose from. Some sets have been retired. So, you might not be able to find them in stores. Some people collect the sets and many people collect the figures that include pirates, skeletons, monkeys, parrots, sharks and soldiers. 

Hats, flags, treasure chests and puzzles are among the other toys you can choose from. The available hats range from the simple cardboard cut-outs that are just right for a birthday party to fancy designs that can be worn again and again.

Most of the inexpensive flags are versions of the Jolly Roger or skull and crossbones. They come in a wide range of sizes. You often see nice large ones flying on the porches of beach houses.    

Treasure Chests 

Treasure ChestTreasure Chest

The treasure chests are some of my favorite pirate toys. Plastic ones for the kids to use during make believe sometimes come with a working lock and a package full of “gold” coins. Wooden versions of these chests are nice for decorating if your home has a nautical theme.

Puzzles for each age group and with various numbers of pieces are widely available. Some of the smaller packages are great for travelling with the kids. The larger ones make good rainy day activities.

Those are just some of the toys you will find if you go shopping online. Fill up your cart and have some fun!

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