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1918 HMS Enterprise. Ships  Crest. Renovated by Kastila Delara Feb 20141918 HMS Enterprise. Ships Crest. Renovated by Kastila Delara Feb 2014

The journey for a life at sea started with inspiration when I was a young boy from my uncle Arthur Ford he died aged ninety three. The stories of his career in the British Royal Navy as an officer back in the days when Britannia really did rule the waves and a deployment meant you would be on a ship for two years.

During his sea life, he spent a lot of time in the Far Eastern Fleet and sailed on the first steam turbine battle ship, the Dreadnought class which was first launched in 1906 and after this, a piston driven steam engine battle ship then became known as predreadnought.  

My first Nautical Gift was given to me by his wife aunt Louise, a ship’s crest from HMS Enterprise and it is still in my lounge to this day.  This crest is a symbol of the Emerald class which was a light cruiser first ordered in 1918 towards the end of World War I and its  main attribute was speed at a cost of other qualities for use against German high speed cruisers.

At the age of 15 years old, I left school in 1969 and bolted for the Royal Navy Careers office. When I got back home and asked my father to sign the papers to allow me to join up, I was so excited but the answer was “No”, he would not sign it.

The bottom fell out of my world at that time and I was gutted to say the least, as a young man you don’t see the reasons behind the action. My late father bless him was an infantry soldier, a Bren Gunner which is a light machine gun during the World War II and fought the Japs in Burma under General Slim. This was well-documented that they went through hell and high water in the jungles of Burma for two and a half years.  He didn't want his son coming home in a body bag. 

Son as he used to say, “You’re going to do an apprenticeship.” I didn't argue, I had high respect for my father and he was a caring gentleman even after all he had been through in the war.  The die was cast and my second love was motorcycle scrambling with my old school buddies from Brune Park Comprehensive School in Gosport, Hampshire, UK. This was what started me off playing around with engines.

During the time on a four-year apprenticeship, I served as a motor mechanic on cars and trucks.  I remembered even then before going to sea, my first purchase of a nautical gift was a brass ship’s clock and barometer while on holiday in Cornwall.  Then at 29 years old, I went to work for the Ministry of Defense (MOD) in Fareham, Hampshire, UK as a mechanical fitter on gas turbine engines for the Royal Navy.

Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service M.O.D

I was fortunate that after two years building and testing gas turbine engines, I had an interview for an internal position in the MOD as a temporary acting Engineer Officer in the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service in Portsmouth Dock yard UK. I was so nervous when I went to the interview but managed to keep my cool and answered all the engineering questions they threw at me, it all seemed too good to be true.

Two weeks later, I had a letter in the internal mail to say that I had been accepted on the condition that I pass the merchant navy certificate of competency. Very soon after, I was on my way to join my first ship RMAS Arrochar, a munitions support vessel.    Yippe! I couldn't believe it. My dream came true and this is where Nautical Gifts Cabin has originated from after twenty eight years at sea! 

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