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Looking for chart lights? There are many different kinds to choose from, assuming you are interested in decorating. The typical modern navigational charts are backlit. Older lighting and chart-styles are commonly used for decorating.

Some of the new lighted charts make use of small bulbs that are used to highlight a specific location, such as the location of a lighthouse. In areas where there are numerous lighthouses, such as the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the charts have lights at the locations of each of the different lighthouses.

The decorating items vary in style. One type has different colored lights that are associated with the different colors of the lighthouses. This kind of thing is usually used as a wall hanging, although there are some tables that include a lighted chart covered by glass. The prices vary depending on the complexity of the piece. 

Origins of Chart Lights

The idea originated in museums where the lighted charts were used to show the location of a historic place, the progress of a historic ship or some other historical happening. The new ones for home decorating may have a single light or multiple lights. They look dramatic in a darkened room,whether the piece is hanging on a wall or incorporated into a tabletop.

Light characteristic charts are also popular choices for decorating. These charts were found historically in homes along the seashore where they had a purpose. The purpose was to “define” a navigational light sequence.

Light characteristic charts list graphics or symbols and words that describe specific patterns or sequences of navigational lights. The charts are sometimes very small and hung next to a window that faces the ocean.

Other charts of this type are quite large. They may be framed and covered in glass. They make nice conversation pieces for visitors who are not familiar with them.

Light other types of lighted charts, they are often found in museums. Museums that were originally lifesaving stations typically display these charts. These chart lights traditionally have no actual lighting of their own. When the owner wanted to illuminate the graphics, he or she would direct a light towards the diagram. This is what you often see in museums.

Museum lighting effects can be used to illuminate all kinds of artwork, graphs and collectibles. The lighting is not as expensive as it once was. Of course, you don’t want to choose the cheapest lighting, especially when you are using it to show off something valuable. It just won’t look right.

There are some really nice chart lights that incorporate features from both of the types mentioned here. They are often found in yacht clubs and offices, as well as museums.

The light element flashes and changes colors, similar to the way that a ship’s light may flash or change color to make approaching ships aware of it. While more expensive, this type of wall hanging is becoming popular, even though it is not the easiest type to find. As is the case with all types of lights, the easiest way to find them is to shop online.

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