Brass Table Lamp and Electrical Safety Precautions ! 

Brass Table LampsBrass Table Lamps

Including a brass table lamp in a  nautical themed decor plan is the complete quality lighting  solution to deliver the perfect ambiance to make a comfortable and relaxing setting.  The designs are very varied with beautiful shades with colors to enhance your lounge or bar setting.  

The careful placement of these lamps in conjunction with mirrors and ceiling lights fitted with dimmer switches really turns the whole concept into a complete experience of luxury under your control matching your mood.   

Brass Table Lamp Lighting Your Home or Vessel !

Solid Brass Masthead Electric LampSolid Brass Masthead Electric Lamp

The lighting in your home bar or vessel is so important you should take the time to plan this very carefully as to what certain areas of the setting will be used for arranging the furniture to give the ultimate effect as to what designated areas of the room will be used for, try also different wattage bulbs or lamps if you prefer to call them that to get that extra romantic effect and warmth that you desire take your time on this the rewards are well worth the effort.

The effect of a brass table lamps on a desk is an enhancement of the professionals competence in any setting be it business a nautical themed office or a library.

The usage for these brass table lamps on a vessel would incorporate securing the lamps to the table or whichever platform its mounted onto therefore  accommodating the vessels rolling motion, unless it’s a cruise ship fitted with stabilizer’s which would greatly reduce the motion but never the less they still need to have permanent fixtures such as brass screws or stainless steel bolts and nuts so that the marine atmosphere will not cause corrosion.

Electrical Safety

Brass lantern nautical lighting electricBrass lantern nautical lighting electric

The danger comes from the brass table lamps being smashed due to the vessels motion so it is vitally important that they are secured in a proper manor by a trade’s person, many fires on ships are caused by electrical component damage, and the other factor is personal injury from objects becoming air born in heavy seas.

The golden rule is if you are fitting any lamps  to a vessel make sure it’s done professionally there is no room for errors. I have had experience’s  myself  on-board where cables become chaffed behind  fittings or under bulkheads which are subjected to the bending motion of the ship’s hull in heavy weather subsequently blowing fuses  and becoming a fire hazard.

The first thing to do if you ever smell any electrical burning is to remove the fuses at once in the distribution box or if its msb type then switch the supply switches off immediately if the msb hasn't tripped already in that case the (msb) mini circuit breaker could be defective also and should be changed without delay, always use an approved electrical engineer when hard wiring lights in a vessel.

Reference to the vessels Fire Safety Plan which is a legal requirement on all ships so that shore based fire fighters have a plan of the vessel and all the fire fighting equipment and fittings on-board if the vessel is in port when a fire brook out they can plan there attack immediately implementing the Fire Safety Plan..

All compartments must have a fire extinguisher type A, B ,OR C , type A  combustible materials such as wood or cloth, type B is for oil based fires and would be tackled with powder or AFFF extinguisher’s  the latter being  foam based . A Type C fire is an electrical fire which should be extinguished  with a CO2 extinguisher or dry powder, CO2 is preferred due to its cooling effects.  

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